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From Beer to There

From Beer to There: Bridge Lane Rosé & Montauk Watermelon Session Ale

June 29, 2017


derek watermelon

Ah, summer on Long Island.  Long days, hot sun and cool ocean breezes.  Bikes rides down quiet roads and trips to the farm stand for fresh, colorful produce.  Al fresco dining, vineyard hopping and leisurely boat trips on the Peconic Bay. There is something so magical about the summer months here.  It’s as if all the year’s toils pay off in this season of bliss. And when I’m basking in the glory of Long Island summer, there’s one wine I’m reaching for: rosé. Light, fruity and refreshing, dry rosé is THE wine of summer.

Made predominantly of Cabernet Franc, our Bridge Lane Rosé is a local favorite and by far our best-selling summer wine. It’s light peach in color, dry, lively and subtly fruity. For me, notes of guava hit early followed closely by hints of strawberry and white peach. It’s a clutch addition to any backyard barbecue or evening spent on the porch. Personally, I prefer to keep a box chilled in the fridge so that I’m always covered in the case of unexpected guests.

So, what beer could I possibly offer up that would compare? Well to answer that I need only to look one Fork to our south. Our friends over at Montauk Brewing Company are the undisputable kings of summer when it comes to beer. It’s hard to believe they’ve only recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary because their beer seems to be EVERYWHERE. With its geniusly simple, brightly colored packaging, it’s easy to spot and hard to resist Insta-gramming.

Montauk’s style is all about light and easy-drinking. They don’t make beers to pore over. They make beers to throw back on the beach. And if I happen to be out of rosé, their Watermelon Session Ale is the perfect substitute. I’m not usually a fan of watermelon beers, but I find this one oh so palate pleasing. It’s light in color and body and offers delightful hints of watermelon vs. smacking you in the face with overwhelming fruitiness. Watermelon Session Ale in a koozie on the boat? Yes. Watermelon Session while grilling up some burgers and dogs with my buddies? YES. All summer long. Right next to my bottles and boxes of Bridge Lane Rosé.

*If you love watermelon notes in your rosé but still aren’t convinced when it comes to your beer, I also enthusiastically recommend Montauk’s classic Summer Ale. It’s a perfectly malt-balanced summer ale with light citrus and wheat notes. Total party pleaser. If you’re looking for something slightly more hoppy, try their Session IPA. It’s still an easy sipper but doesn’t disappoint when it comes to hops.

Summer is finally here, friends. Get out there, grab some Bridge Lanes and Montauks and make the most of it!

Derek Lustig

Tasting Room Associate & Resident Craft Beer Guy