From a Chef’s Perspective: Taking Your Food to the Next (Flavor) Level


From a Chef’s Perspective: Taking Your Food to the Next (Flavor) Level

American cuisine as we know it today, a mélange of international flavor influences, has not always been so creative. In fact, it kind of suffered from what I refer to as a “Flavor Depression” for most of its lifetime (except the Mexican-Americans’ cooking in the South and the well-seasoned creole influence in New Orleans, which both had a pretty good head start on this). Coming out of the Dark Ages of Food, i.e....

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In the NoFo: 3 Things We’re Buzzing About

jul blog

I’ve never been one to openly complain about the cold weather. That doesn’t mean I necessarily “enjoy” it –  it just means that I’ve always found it somewhat tolerable. This attitude, though, is no more. I’ve adopted the mindset of a 66-year-old woman. I want to live in a gated community in Florida, eat dinner at 4:30pm, and be in bed by 9:00pm. My hands are just dusty, scaly reminders of what life used to be.

It got really dark there for a second, I apologize. The point is...

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My 5 Favorite Things – Alicia Ekeler-Valle


1) Yearly Planner: How lame could I possibly be to put my PLANNER on a list of favorite things? It’s lame, it’s true- but let me explain this one: My planner represents a blank slate of possibilities for all the days I have in a year’s time. If I get to decide how my year goes, why not plan some awesome things to look forward to? I’m also a recovering “say yes to everything” person and I have learned to pace my social and professional life in a realistic way that allows me to...

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From Beer to There: A Journey From Craft Beer to Wine

derek first blog post


Hey!  What’s going on my fellow Liebsters?  This is Derek from the tasting room.  In the upcoming months, I will attempt to help bridge the gap between craft beer and wine on our team blog. “Why?” you ask.  Well, I was lucky enough to spend a few years working in the craft beer industry prior to coming to Lieb, and what immediately struck me upon moving from beer into wine is just how similar my experiences have been – as both a consumer and professional.

I first got into...

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Lieb Behind the Scenes – Jan-Feb 2017

sauv blanc


Whew.  Just like that, a month and a half has passed since my last blog post.  They say time flies when you’re having fun.  That’s certainly been the case.  Well, having fun and getting sh*t done!

In past posts, I’ve referred to Feb and Mar as “bottling season.”  This year, bottling season came early for Lieb Cellars.  As of today, all of our 2016 Bridge Lane whites and rosé have been finished, bottled and filled in boxes and kegs … and picked up by our distributors. ...

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