From Beer to There: Bridge Lane White Merlot & Greenport Harbor’s Beehive Summer Ale

derek summer ale

As the heat of the early August sun beats down on Long Island’s North Fork, we are quick to seek refuge under trees, awnings, beach umbrellas and the like.  We search for coolness to escape the fiery grasp of our solar overlord, to feel refreshed.  This episode of “From Beer to There” is about just that.  Refreshment.

When I think of Lieb’s most refreshing wine, my mind goes straight to the blue bottle: Bridge Lane White Merlot.  This divine nectar of the vineyard is made with...

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Who’s Who at Lieb Cellars: Cory Browne


Name and Position:

Cory Browne, Captain at the Bridge Lane Tasting Room

What do you do at Lieb Cellars?

You can find me giggling and pouring wine behind the bar at Bridge Lane Tasting Room in Mattituck.

How did you come to work in the wine industry?

A lot of my favorite people aka friends work in the industry and pulled me in.

What’s your favorite part about working at LC?

My favorite part about working at Lieb Cellars has to be about the people I work with and the people...

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In the NoFo: Top 3 Favorite North Fork Food Trucks

nofo food truck

The intro to this blog post will first be accompanied by song. Click the link before proceeding (I promise it’s not a virus).

I just wanted to thank of all my hundreds, nay - thousands of readers - for your undying devotion. It’s an honor to guide you across this northern fork. We’ve been through so much together. We’ve picnic’d, ate pie, sat on the beach, looked at the stars. And we did all of this while drinking copious amounts of...

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Who’s Who at Lieb Cellars: Alice Falcone

Alice pic

What do you do at Lieb Cellars?

I'm the official cheese taster at Oregon Road. Wait, no, that isn't it. Oh! I work in the tasting room on weekends, and a couple days a week I get to run around taking pretty pictures for our social media and blog.

How did you come to work in the wine industry?

I've lived out on the North Fork my entire life, so when looking for a summer job, it seemed natural to choose one of the many wineries near my house. Fast forward ten years (what?) and I've been...

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