In the NoFo: Top 3 Insider Springs Events



Guys… it’s happening. Seventy degrees. Patio open. Allergies in full effect. We made it!!!

Even though my eyes are now perpetually itchy and Flonase is my only friend, I am breathing a little easier (figuratively speaking) knowing that Spring is officially here. Our tasting rooms felt the start of the season this past week with those of you taking off and “working from home.” It was awesome to see so many familiar faces coming out of hibernation. Our patio is back with a...

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Lieb Behind the Scenes – April 2017

canned wine


Hey guys! Wow… and just like that it’s been another 2 months since I last posted. It’s APRIL already!? This is my 4th year at Lieb and I can tell you that the first 3 months of this year flew by faster than any previous year. It’s like I blinked on January 1st and opened my eyes to bud break.

Hello to everyone out in Lieb Land! This is the second installment of my blog topic, From Beer to There, where we will be drawing parallels between Lieb wines and craft beer. Today we will be discussing Lieb's Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and a versatile style in craft beer: Pale Ale.

Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favorite white wine varieties. The grape originally hails from Bordeaux and the Loire Valley in France but also grows well on Long Island due to its ability to ripen quickly. It can offer...

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My 5 Favorite Things – Derek Lustig

derek five fave things

1. First up, are my kick fins. These have seen some great waves in their day. I have owned this pair since 2004. And, they are still going strong. Body Boarding is a popular sport on Long Island, due to the sandbar breaks that can be super close to shore. The heavier and steeper the wave, the better. These fins have ridden The Wedge in Newport, CA, Gas Chambers and Crash Boats in Puerto Rico, and even experienced a 8-12 foot day at Long Beach right here on Long Island. They are my version of Ol'...

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From a Chef’s Perspective: Taking Your Food to the Next (Flavor) Level


From a Chef’s Perspective: Taking Your Food to the Next (Flavor) Level

American cuisine as we know it today, a mélange of international flavor influences, has not always been so creative. In fact, it kind of suffered from what I refer to as a “Flavor Depression” for most of its lifetime (except the Mexican-Americans’ cooking in the South and the well-seasoned creole influence in New Orleans, which both had a pretty good head start on this). Coming out of the Dark Ages of Food, i.e....

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