Two Truths & A Lie – Alice Falone


1. I have sung with international orchestras at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center.

2. I've been to every state on the East Coast in the span of 24 hours.

3. I've never seen an episode of Seinfeld.

Can you guess which is the lie?! Ask Alice next time you see her in the tasting room on the weekend!

Alice Falcone

Lieb Cellars & Bridge Lane Wine Social Media Coordinator

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Lieb Behind the Scenes – September 2018

Hey all,

Harvest is here! It marks my 6th at Lieb Cellars. Yesterday my husband and I brought our two daughters, Renny who is 4 and Gabi who is 2, out to the vineyard to help our crew pick Sauvignon Blanc grapes. They pretended to drive the tractors, played with our vineyard foreman’s daughter Nilda, snuck tastes of the grapes and ran around acres of open space. Reflecting on the day, I felt incredibly grateful to live where I live and work where I work.

It also made me nostalgic about...

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Most ‘Grammable’ North Fork Spots: American Beech

Well, everyone, it's that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, there's a slight chill in the air and everyone is scrambling to spend as much time outdoors as possible before we all hibernate for a few months. Or maybe you're one of those people who's ready for the cooler temperatures and the cozy fires. Lucky for us, there's a spot in Greenport that has it all! Enter: American Beech, the ultimate treasure trove for Instagram photos on the North Fork.

For those of us who are clinging...

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From a Chef’s Perspective: Wine & Takeout Pairings!

As we enter the final wave of our busy season here at the tasting room, I find myself ordering takeout with much more frequency. With very little physical energy left at the end of a long work weekend, there’s nothing better than picking up a delicious meal all wrapped up and ready to be eaten. Eating in the comfort of my living room (let’s be real, takeout is usually eaten on a couch...right?) is pure bliss and since I usually have some bottles of wine kickin’ around, I pour myself a nice...

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Most ‘Grammable’ North Fork Spots – Lavender by the Bay

I have a few simple words for you to start off this post: Lavender by the Bay.  I take beautiful photos for a living, so I think I would be stripped of my duty as a contributor to this blog if I didn't include this gem of a place. The lavender fields in East Marion typically bloom during June and July, with the largest and most colorful bloom taking place in early July, so catch it while you still can!

There is no limit to the amount of photo opportunities at the farm. From the moment you...

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