From Beer to There: Lieb Cellars Reserve Pinot Blanc & Kölsch

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Alright, folks. Time for another installment of From Beer to There, with me, your host, Derek. In this episode we’ll be discussing Lieb Cellars’ signature white wine, Pinot Blanc, and likening it to one my favorite spring-time beers, German Kölsch.

Pinot Blanc is lesser known (than say, Chardonnay) in the US but it’s a grape we’re very proud of at Lieb. Our 2015 vintage scored 90 points in Wine Advocate, and it’s also the backbone for our critically acclaimed...

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My 5 Favorite Things – Anthony Mattis

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1. Running Shoes – I’ve been running both competitively and casually most of my life. I was originally a cross country guy and love running outside through nature trails but will settle for a treadmill if I have to. One of my favorite parts of living out on the East End is the abundance of great trails and country roads perfect for long jogs.

2. Sandals – The beach is definitely my favorite place to be. I was surprised to find out that here that requires a little more specificity. While...

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In the NoFo: Top 3 Insider Springs Events



Guys… it’s happening. Seventy degrees. Patio open. Allergies in full effect. We made it!!!

Even though my eyes are now perpetually itchy and Flonase is my only friend, I am breathing a little easier (figuratively speaking) knowing that Spring is officially here. Our tasting rooms felt the start of the season this past week with those of you taking off and “working from home.” It was awesome to see so many familiar faces coming out of hibernation. Our patio is back with a...

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Lieb Behind the Scenes – April 2017

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Hey guys! Wow… and just like that it’s been another 2 months since I last posted. It’s APRIL already!? This is my 4th year at Lieb and I can tell you that the first 3 months of this year flew by faster than any previous year. It’s like I blinked on January 1st and opened my eyes to bud break.