Lieb Behind the Scenes: June 2017

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Hi ya’all!  Happy summer!  The last time I posted in April, we were just kicking off the year – releasing new wines, ramping up wholesale, getting the tasting rooms MDW-ready and conducting some good ol’ R&D for canned wine.  Welp, a lot has happened in 2 months.

On the tasting room front, we’ve officially entered the “on” season.  Long sunny days, lots of visitors, great energy and a solid group of enthusiastic and knowledgeable tasting room staffers excited...

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My 5 Favorite Things – Mike Cook

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Clearly there are many things to consider when considering a question so profoundly revealing of one’s self – MYself in this case. For whatever reason, I immediately dis-qualified wine…too obvious. Let’s pretend for a minute that wine is not one of my favorite things (feels weird just writing that). These are in no particular order… except that when it comes down to it, a good taco really goes a long way.

1) Tacos – quite possibly the perfect food & my favorite thing to cook...

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In the NoFo: Top 3 North Fork Picnic Spots

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For those closest to me, it's no secret that I have a really hard time fitting lunch into my day. Our tasting room director, Alicia, is on my case about this all the time. “Jul, have you eaten yet?  WHY NOT??” She tells me lunch meals can be simple and should be easy to prep and consume.  Yet like me, I meet a lot of guests throughout the day who tell me that they’ve gone to at least two or three wineries in a 3 hour time span and haven’t stopped for food or figured out where...

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From Beer to There: Lieb Cellars Reserve Pinot Blanc & Kölsch

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Alright, folks. Time for another installment of From Beer to There, with me, your host, Derek. In this episode we’ll be discussing Lieb Cellars’ signature white wine, Pinot Blanc, and likening it to one my favorite spring-time beers, German Kölsch.

Pinot Blanc is lesser known (than say, Chardonnay) in the US but it’s a grape we’re very proud of at Lieb. Our 2015 vintage scored 90 points in Wine Advocate, and it’s also the backbone for our critically acclaimed...

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