From Beer to There: Lieb Reserve Chardonnay & Blue Point’s Oktoberfest

derek blue point



Hallo meine Lieblingsleute! Translation: Hello my favorite people!

That’s right. It just so happens that “lieblings” means “favorite” in German. Boom.

And, this also happens to be my favorite time of year: the transition from summer to fall. The end of September brings us warm days, cool nights and the best reason to drink out of the biggest beer mug I own: Oktoberfest. This München, Germany tradition dates back to 1810 and is a 16-18 day beer festival leading...

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From a Chef’s Perspective: Autumn eats & Chardonnay


From a Chef’s Perspective: Autumn Eats & Chardonnay

It’s not *quite* here yet, officially, but we can all sense it. Autumn on the North Fork is something I get really, really excited about. Tomatoes aside, all of my favorite vegetables start appearing again at farmstands, and comfort foods start popping up on menus. Roasted squash, root veggies, hearty meats and heavily-herbed side dishes – what’s not to love. After months of eating light, summery dishes, I’m ready to start building...

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My Five Favorite Things – Ami Opisso

ami's five things

-Cliché but … my FAMILY.  My husband, 2 daughters (Renny + Gabi) and the best pup IN THE WORLD (who also happens to be our winery dog), Jersey – they make my life.  Renny is almost 3 now but I still wake up sometimes and find myself thinking about how crazy it is that I’m a full-fledge grown-up and a mom.  Like, wasn’t I just in high school, sneaking out and drinking wine coolers and 40’s with my friends at the beach? Where has the time gone!?  Seriously.

-I’m copying Alicia...

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Lieb Behind the Scenes – August 2017


And just like that, we’re about to kick off harvest.  When I last posted in June, bud break (the start of the vineyard growing season) was only a month behind us and we were just entering the full summer swing.  Our tasting rooms were bustling with summer visitors and our wholesale business was nearing its early summer peak.  Fast forward to today and the signs of fall are all around us. We’re expecting mild temps in the 70’s this weekend and into next week.  Kids are about to go back...

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From Beer to There: Bridge Lane White Merlot & Greenport Harbor’s Beehive Summer Ale

derek summer ale

As the heat of the early August sun beats down on Long Island’s North Fork, we are quick to seek refuge under trees, awnings, beach umbrellas and the like.  We search for coolness to escape the fiery grasp of our solar overlord, to feel refreshed.  This episode of “From Beer to There” is about just that.  Refreshment.

When I think of Lieb’s most refreshing wine, my mind goes straight to the blue bottle: Bridge Lane White Merlot.  This divine nectar of the vineyard is made with...

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