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Bridge Lane Rosé: The Versatile Complement

March 23, 2015


Every vintage of our Bridge Lane Rosé has been made in the dry style, and many of our guests are pleasantly surprised by this. Slowly but surely, the common misconception that Rosé is always sweet seems to be slowly dissipating. We are so excited that rose is making a comeback in a very big way. For years this misunderstood wine stood on shelves, with most passers-by unaware of its character and versatility.

The beauty of dry rosé is that is shows bright acidity one desires from a white wine, but with much more fruit complexity. This balance creates a great situation for introducing food because dry rosé never wants to overwhelm, nor hide from, the palate. Truth be told, dry rose is a safe bet even for the most discerning wine drinkers and will happily agree with just about anything served alongside.

Two of the hardest cuisines to match with wine, are robust Central American dishes and flavorful curries from India and South East Asia. Dishes that use a lot of spices, peppers, and salt tend to be very busy on the palate- so we must seek a wine that will be refreshing and calming to the palate.  Here is where dry rosé shines!

At $18 per bottle, the Bridge Lane Rosé is a real winner for toting along to a dinner party where you are unsure of what will be served. In addition to pairing well with some good eats, dry rosé is also wonderful on its own. Think of it as a dependable friend who will always tag along for a good time.

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