From a Chef’s Perspective

From a Chef’s Perspective: Gifts for the Foodie Friend or Family Member


Hello again!

I don’t know about you guys but the holiday season kinda snuck up on me this year! The twinkly lights, the trees, the warm holiday beverages – I appreciate a lot about this time of year. However I find myself struggling to get out to the stores to Christmas shop during the month of December. Because I work in the service/hospitality industry, I really love my peace and quiet on my days off. The thought of dodging in-a-rush drivers, waiting in long lines and being a witness...

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From a Chef’s Perspective: Autumn eats & Chardonnay


From a Chef’s Perspective: Autumn Eats & Chardonnay

It’s not *quite* here yet, officially, but we can all sense it. Autumn on the North Fork is something I get really, really excited about. Tomatoes aside, all of my favorite vegetables start appearing again at farmstands, and comfort foods start popping up on menus. Roasted squash, root veggies, hearty meats and heavily-herbed side dishes – what’s not to love. After months of eating light, summery dishes, I’m ready to start building...

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From a Chef’s Perspective: It’s grilling season!


It’s here. Summer in FULL effect. Which means swimming, sunsets, riding my bicycle around town and GRILLING. I LOVE cooking and eating outside – it’s probably my favorite activity of the year. You can get away with being a little messier, clean-up is way easier and my house doesn’t smell like meat! Add the abundance of North Fork farm-fresh vegetables and local responsibly-raised meats and you have the perfect equation for seriously putting your grill to work all season.



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From a Chef’s Perspective: Taking Your Food to the Next (Flavor) Level


From a Chef’s Perspective: Taking Your Food to the Next (Flavor) Level

American cuisine as we know it today, a mélange of international flavor influences, has not always been so creative. In fact, it kind of suffered from what I refer to as a “Flavor Depression” for most of its lifetime (except the Mexican-Americans’ cooking in the South and the well-seasoned creole influence in New Orleans, which both had a pretty good head start on this). Coming out of the Dark Ages of Food, i.e....

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From a Chef’s Perspective: Entertaining & Hospitality tips


Friends and customers often ask me, “If you’re a trained chef, why don’t you work in a restaurant kitchen?” It’s hard to fetch a response to that question that won’t lead them to believe that I have somehow “given up” on the restaurant world. I haven’t. (I still daydream about my little rustic restaurant with 24 seats where I pour wine and write menus and shoot Instagrams of runny egg yolks all morning.) In the meantime, I have found an amazing outlet to practice my passion...

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From a Chef’s Perspective: Tomato Season!


It’s happening! The return of the local tomato is upon us here on the North Fork and I am PSYCHED.

I eat tomatoes like apples. Well, not really because that would be really messy and creepy. What I mean is, I eat as many as I can while they’re around. Before I chose to dedicate the rest of my life to all food & wine-related pursuits, I would buy tomatoes impulsively and indiscriminately not realizing that each variety has its own characteristics that make them very, very unique. Choosing...

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From a Chef’s Perspective: Building a great (and simple) cheeseboard


Cheese is one of my favorite things to shop for. The main difference between choosing a great wine (from a wine shop) and choosing a great cheese is that a good cheese shop will actually let you try anything before buying, and this is the sort of opportunity I always take advantage of and so should you. I understand that not everyone experiences the same joy I do when I enter the shop and feast upon the long sleek case just brimming with options. In fact, I can easily see how this display may be...

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From a Chef’s Perspective: A (Relaxed) Guide to Food & Wine Pairing


From a Chef’s Perspective: A (Relaxed) Guide to Food & Wine Pairing

There is a universal assumption that chefs always eat like gourmands, and for the most part that is not the case. Although most chefs like myself love indulging in a meal worthy of being deemed “over the top”, there is a bigger and more real spot in our hearts for the foods that comfort us, remind us of childhood, or that allow us an escape from the pretension of the fine dining scene. Most...

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Harvest Series II : Fermentation!


The Tale of Fermentation:


Once upon a time, humankind discovered alcoholic fermentation (I wish they had that on camera). The age old natural process of fermentation is one of the happiest mistakes of human history; aside from discovering fire which, to no one’s knowledge, could have rightfully been inspired by the consumption of a delicious fermented beverage... who is to say? The process of alcoholic fermentation, which begins with the sun and ends in the glass requires very...

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From a Chef’s Perspective: Harvest Series Part I

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These temperatures may be deceiving, but harvest is indeed here! We thought this would be a good time to break down the winemaking process for our readers. There is so much work that goes into making our wine, and a lot of the process is still unknown to most of our customers. One of the greatest perks of working at a small winery is we can satiate our curiosity quite easily- all we have to do is walk right into the vines, or peek into our facility (making sure not to get in anyones way). We hope...

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