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In the NoFo: Top 3 Insider Springs Events



Guys… it’s happening. Seventy degrees. Patio open. Allergies in full effect. We made it!!!

Even though my eyes are now perpetually itchy and Flonase is my only friend, I am breathing a little easier (figuratively speaking) knowing that Spring is officially here. Our tasting rooms felt the start of the season this past week with those of you taking off and “working from home.” It was awesome to see so many familiar faces coming out of hibernation. Our patio is back with a...

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In the NoFo: 3 Things We’re Buzzing About

jul blog

I’ve never been one to openly complain about the cold weather. That doesn’t mean I necessarily “enjoy” it –  it just means that I’ve always found it somewhat tolerable. This attitude, though, is no more. I’ve adopted the mindset of a 66-year-old woman. I want to live in a gated community in Florida, eat dinner at 4:30pm, and be in bed by 9:00pm. My hands are just dusty, scaly reminders of what life used to be.

It got really dark there for a second, I apologize. The point is...

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In the NoFo: Off-season Après Wine Tasting Activities

grace and grit


I was going to start this post with “the doldrums of winter…” but then I realized January deserves a little more credit this year. I’m at a point where I’m reluctant to even call this the “off-season” anymore. Tasting room employees around the North Fork have been lucky - the temperatures have stayed up, and I have yet to twiddle my thumbs. We’re busy! And for that, we’re appreciative. Despite the weather, it’s no secret that January on the East End is, how do I...

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In The NoFo: Top 3 Places to Shop for Your Thanksgiving Feast


With Thanksgiving less than a week away, crunch time is now upon us as the procrastinators (such as myself) scramble to make this prep-heavy holiday a reality. Thankfully, the North Fork has an abundance of locally grown or sourced produce, meats, and desserts to tie it all together for you. Here are three places to visit as you gear up for November 24th:

Miloski’s Poultry Farm (4418 Middle Country Rd, Calverton)

Vegans and vegetarians…cover your ears for this recommendation. For those...

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In the NoFo: Top Three Fall Spots on the North Fork


September is a month most often met with denial and resistance on the North Fork. Many lament the end of summer as the crisp autumn air creeps in, giving way to the days of flannels and hearty reds. As most of my co-workers will tell you - I do not mourn summer. I am constantly overheated and the proud owner of many a blazer, so naturally I welcome autumn with open arms and a sigh of relief. While summer appears to bring the masses, it is a shock to most people that Fall is the North Fork’s...

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In the NoFo: Top 3 Stargazing Spots on the North Fork



Photo Credit: Custer Institute

With an impending meteor shower scheduled for Friday of this week, I felt it only appropriate to share a few top star-gazing spots that the North Fork has to offer. The unobstructed views and low level of light pollution leave tourists in awe by nightfall, their eyes wide and mouths agape, as they try to make sense of a sky that can only be described as both foreign and familiar. Even us locals know not to take for granted...

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In the Nofo: Top 3 Insta-Worthy Spots on the North Fork

nofo photos

Photo Credit: Jon Schusteritsch

As much as the North Fork seems to be a place far removed from the world of social media, Facebook check-ins and Instagram tags have now marked just about every inch of farmland and shoreline. Of course, that’s not to say that a drive through Southold won’t *still* leave you with zero bars and the inability to shoot a text without that blue send bar making an unwelcome appearance. Despite the lack of cell towers, our use of...

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FAQ’s from the Tasting Room: What is Rosé (And Which One’s for Me)?


Lately it seems wherever I turn I find rosé wines, made from all different types of grapes, and in every shade of pink imaginable. It’s the hottest wine on the market right now and many wineries can barely keep it in stock through the summer. So it’s no surprise that the majority of questions we are asked in the tasting room have to do with rosé. Specifically – what exactly is rosé and how do I find what I like in this sea of pink?

When answering the “what is rosé?” question,...

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The questions one receives as a pourer in the tasting room are never solely isolated to wine. My colleagues and I have to be able to field inquiries regarding the seemingly extraneous details, running the gamut from the brand of pillows on the couches to the ingredients in the Carr’s crackers. There is one non-wine related query though that we are guaranteed to hear at least once a day, and that is simply - “What’s there to do around here?”

So, enough with the formalities – let’s talk...

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FAQ’s from the Tasting Room: “What makes a wine age-worthy vs. meant to be drunk right away?”

wine cellar

Hi everyone!  Most of you know me from meeting me at the tasting room.  I hope that I’ve done a good job of guiding you through your tastings and imparting some of the wine knowledge I’ve picked up through my experience and studies.  Because our interactions in the tasting room are sometimes rushed, I’ve decided to start contributing to our company blog with a topic that I hope you’ll find interesting and/or helpful: FAQ’s from the Tasting Room. Each post, I’ll choose a topic that...

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