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From Beer to There

From Beer to There: Bridge Lane White Merlot & Greenport Harbor’s Beehive Summer Ale

August 11, 2017

derek summer ale

As the heat of the early August sun beats down on Long Island’s North Fork, we are quick to seek refuge under trees, awnings, beach umbrellas and the like.  We search for coolness to escape the fiery grasp of our solar overlord, to feel refreshed.  This episode of “From Beer to There” is about just that.  Refreshment.

When I think of Lieb’s most refreshing wine, my mind goes straight to the blue bottle: Bridge Lane White Merlot.  This divine nectar of the vineyard is made with early harvested merlot grapes that are pressed whole-cluster and fermented with no skin contact to avoid red color extraction.  It’s super light and dry with summery fruit notes such as grapefruit, clementine and green melon.  In my opinion, White Merlot is Lieb’s lightest, easiest drinking white.  For hot late summer days by the pool, White Merlot hits the spot and helps me beat the heat.

It was tough to narrow down a beer that can carry the distinction of White Merlot’s summertime companion.  But after careful consideration, I’ve decided Greenport Harbor’s Beehive Summer Ale is our guy.  (And no, it’s not just because the labels match, but that’s certainly a bonus for photo purposes.)

Greenport’s Summer Ale just recently served as my life preserver when out for the day on my friend’s boat.  It was a scorcher, and there was no shade to be found out on the bow.  Refreshment was found in our ice cold Greenports.  Greenport Summer is comparable to White Merlot in that it’s fruity, light and easy-drinking. This blonde ale is well made and balanced, showing a subtle maltiness and hints of citrus, fresh coriander and orange blossom honey. This subtlety of summer flavors, and in particular it’s slight mandarin note, clinch its title as the White Merlot of beers.
So let’s hold fast, my fellow solar chasers, as summer isn’t gone yet.  And when you find yourself without shade, seeking relief and refreshment, reach for either blue bottle (or can if applicable). You will not be disappointed.

Derek Lustig

Tasting Room Associate & Resident Craft Beer Guy