Wine Club Terms and Conditions


·         Applicants agree to one full year membership, which renews automatically.


·         Members will receive notification of the club selection via email, including: 1) description of the wines 2) pricing 3) billing date 4) pick-up availability/shipping dates.

·         Please add to your email contacts so you don’t miss out on special events and sales.


·         Please contact us in the event that your credit card or billing information changes.


·         The complimentary private tastings offered as a benefit to our members are non-transferrable.  Members must be present for any private tastings that they book.


·         “Ship-to” and “pick-up” members will be charged for their selection at the beginning of the pick-up/shipment month.

·         “Ship-to” members will receive their wine via Fedex within a week of the charge.

·         Wine selections are held for pick-up at our Lieb Cellars Tasting Room for 60 days after the charge date.


·         All shipping costs are included in the bill. Deliveries are provided by FedEx Ground and require an adult signature (21+).


·         “Pick-up” members are required to pick up their wine within 60 days of the charge date. If you are unable to pick up your selection please inform us and we will ship to you for a fee. We are not obligated to hold selections or issue credits after 60 days.

·         “Ship-to” members understand that in the event of any refused or undeliverable packages that are returned to Lieb Cellars, members will not receive a refund for the cost of shipping. Members understand that any packages shipped to the requested address are their responsibility to obtain.  In the event that a member has moved, it is their responsibility to update the wine club shipping address prior to the charge date.  In the event a package must be forwarded, the member will be charged the FedEx flat rate of $17.00 to intercept the package. In the event a return label must be issued, the customer will incur a fee of $7.00 per package.


·         All customer information, including name, credit card and contact information is held in strict confidentiality by Lieb Cellars. We do not sell or give customer information to third parties.

Members may purchase additional wine at the discounted rate at any time, either in the tasting rooms, via the website ( or by phone (631-734-1100).