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My 5 Fave Things

My 5 Favorite Things – Derek Lustig

March 30, 2017

derek five fave things1. First up, are my kick fins. These have seen some great waves in their day. I have owned this pair since 2004. And, they are still going strong. Body Boarding is a popular sport on Long Island, due to the sandbar breaks that can be super close to shore. The heavier and steeper the wave, the better. These fins have ridden The Wedge in Newport, CA, Gas Chambers and Crash Boats in Puerto Rico, and even experienced a 8-12 foot day at Long Beach right here on Long Island. They are my version of Ol’ Faithful. They’ll always be around.

2. Led Zeppelin’s album II is probably the crown jewel of my tiny record collection. My parents had my sister and me listening to the vibrant sounds of Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham since we could remember. There were days when I would come home from school to my father wailing on his Fender, playing Whole Lotta Love. There is just so much nostalgia with this one.

3. As far as American Literature is concerned, Faulkner was, to me, a shining light. The man wrote in an eclectic and experimental way for his time period. There is no greater example of this than his work, As I Lay Dying. In this novel, he uses characters, instead of chapters, to tell this tale of misadventure. Meaning: A chapter is named after a character and the story is seen through their perspective. He is a great influence on my study of literature and my own writing style. This is worth the read for sure.

4. Sydney is my cat. That’s her in the instafilm photo you see there. I adopted her about 10 years ago from my friend’s mother. Her tornado shaped stripe, running down her nose from her forehead, says a lot for her personality. She is a lovable whirlwind.

5. Last, but not least, is my MacBook Air. This computer is my version of the antiquated typewriter. Its main use is word processing. Its secondary use is for watching copious amounts of Anime. Its seen some travel. And, is far from retiring.

Thanks for checking out my five favorites. Oh, and add tacos to the list. I just forgot to bring them for the picture. But, rest assured, they are my number one.