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My 5 Fave Things

My Five Favorite Things – Ami Opisso

August 31, 2017

ami's five things

-Cliché but … my FAMILY.  My husband, 2 daughters (Renny + Gabi) and the best pup IN THE WORLD (who also happens to be our winery dog), Jersey – they make my life.  Renny is almost 3 now but I still wake up sometimes and find myself thinking about how crazy it is that I’m a full-fledge grown-up and a mom.  Like, wasn’t I just in high school, sneaking out and drinking wine coolers and 40’s with my friends at the beach? Where has the time gone!?  Seriously.

-I’m copying Alicia here but anyone who knows me knows that I can’t live without my daily PLANNER.  On the days when I’ve made the tragic mistake of leaving it at home, I’ve been known to leave work to get it because I’m literally paralyzed without it.  I write down everything in it. All Lieb-related and personal to-do’s, appointments, reminders, birthdays, vacations, lists … endless lists.  Call me old fashioned, call me OCD, but whatever I need to do – I want to write it down, and I want to cross it off.  I’ve been organizing my life with a moleskin daily planner since my first post-college job in 2002, and I don’t plan on stopping. I swear I’m going to be 85 years old and still using one of these things to organize my medications and knitting projects.

-ITALY!!!  These are maps from my trip to Tuscany in 2012.  The GPS in our rental car broke so we literally spent 2 weeks exploring tiny villages, markets, wineries and restaurants with nothing more than paper maps and road signs to guide us (I told you I was old-fashioned!).  Italy is my heaven on earth.  The food, the culture, the scenery, the architecture – I can’t be there enough.  My pipe dream is to purchase a little cottage outside of Cortona so that I can have a little home there and visit often.  A girl can dream.

-As represented by a latte and pastry from North Fork Roasting Company, BRUNCH.  God I love breakfast.  Farm fresh eggs, avocado toast, bacon, waffles, muffins, croissants, biscuits, great coffee, sparkling rosé (my go-to brunch drink of choice)  – THE BEST.  I’ll take an awesome brunch out over lunch or dinner any day.  And with 2 kids, coffee has become both a necessity and a passion.  Best coffee I’ve ever had?  Tied: Nofo Roasting Company in Southold and Blue Bottle in NYC.  They’re … another level.  The absolute perfect balance of flavor, intensity and smoothness.

-And finally, as represented by one of my favorite shirts, STRIPES.  My husband likes to say that I’ve never met a stripe I don’t like.  And, it’s true.  I have to actively try not to incessantly buy, wear and decorate with stripes.  They’re classic.  Plain but not too plain.  Interesting but not all girly and flowery and pattern-y.  Come to think of it, I dress my kids in non-stop stripes, too.  Maybe it goes back to me being OCD?  Hm.  I think I should probably start drinking more wine…