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I'm Obsessed!

I’m Obsessed: Things I can’t get enough of right now!

March 13, 2020




The Bridge Lane Bubbles Can

Ok so take it as you may, but I am going to just start with some shameless self-promotion: THE BRIDGE LANE BUBBLES CAN. It’s bubbly, it’s heckin’ cute, and its *just* sweet enough to make it completely crushable. I was already obsessed with our Bridge Lane cans – this took it to the next level.


Besides the obvious convenience of it being in a can, the versatility of the wine itself is actually my favorite thing about this. Because there is a touch of sweetness, it pairs with all the foods that are normally SO hard to pair wines with. Chinese food! Sushi! Desserts! A dang SALAD! (Pretty much the only thing I wouldn’t try to pair with this wine is red meat or chocolate; everything is fair game!) I’m not the only one who is obsessed either. This bad boy is flying off the shelf!



Grown-up versions of your mom’s spritzer 

Back in my fine-dining days, I would turn my nose up at guests who would order spritzers. I imagined these suburban moms at Target, discreetly drinking their chardonnay spritzers out of a thermoflask. Guess what? I’m that suburban mom now. Except I don’t have kids or live in the suburbs…I don’t even have a mortgage. But you know what I have? Love for wine spritzers. Sometimes I just want to get a little buzz, slowly over time. I also have all sorts of weird stomach things happening (being in your mid-30’s is FUN!) so having a drink that is less acidic is nice too. I stay away from oaky or sweet wines though. A small upgrade that the classic wine spritzer needed. Hot tip: Our Bridge Lane Rosé and White Merlot make excellent spritzer wines. Serve on ice, top with seltzer, and if you have some interesting fruit layin’ around dice her up and throw it in! It’s a spritzer – don’t overthink it.


Bucheron goat cheese

Every now and then, I order this reliably delicious cheese for the winery because our staple goat cheese is out of stock. For some reason, this time around it just hit different. I don’t know if the goats were extra happy or fat or what, but the Bucheron is CRAZY good right now. It’s a soft-ripened goat cheese so it has that luscious, creamy ring of soft cheese on the edges and the classic crumbly (but not dry!) goaty center. Hot tip: It’s a perfect match for our Lieb Estate Pinot Blanc, and it will be in the tasting room for the month of March.




The Flatbreads at Merchant’s Wife, Greenport

I love a flatbread. Is it pizza? Who knows, and who cares! It’s bread, it’s cheese, it’s baked, what’s not to love. My favorite one on the menu is the butternut squash flatbread topped with goat chese and arugula. This flatbread is wildly delicious, and I would guess it’s a sleeper hit as it’s certainly competing with some bolder options on the menu.  Also, guess who’s on the wine list? It’s us! We are! Double win.


Alicia Ekeler

Director of Tasting Rooms


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