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In the NoFo

In the NoFo: Off-season Après Wine Tasting Activities

January 26, 2017

grace and grit


I was going to start this post with “the doldrums of winter…” but then I realized January deserves a little more credit this year. I’m at a point where I’m reluctant to even call this the “off-season” anymore. Tasting room employees around the North Fork have been lucky – the temperatures have stayed up, and I have yet to twiddle my thumbs. We’re busy! And for that, we’re appreciative. Despite the weather, it’s no secret that January on the East End is, how do I put this diplomatically… quiet. Recommending post-wine tasting activities to visitors becomes a little tough, as our beaches are usually the focal point. BUT, I will not be defeated by the calendar. If you find yourself out on the North Fork during these winter months, here are a few recommendations:

Greenport Ice Skating Rink (Mitchell Park – Front St., Greenport)

I have to confess that I haven’t been ice skating since I was 16 or so. It’s been a while, but don’t hold it against me or this recommendation. I just need to build up my confidence…and balance. The rink in Greenport is another one of those places that holds a copious amount of nostalgia. As an adult, it still keeps its appeal. Situated between Aldo’s and the carousel, not to mention the Peconic Bay feet away, this rink is worthy of a visit during the off-season. Weather permitting, the ice skating rink is open weekdays from 3-5pm, and weekends from 11am-5pm. Adult admission is $5 during the week, and $10 on the weekend.

Grace & Grit Burger Pop-Up (55750 Route 25, Southold)

For those of you not familiar with Grace & Grit, it is a local catering and event planning company in Southold. With their off-season coinciding with those of the locals, they decided to start a burger pop-up series through the winter. And let me tell you, we are eternally grateful to them for doing so. With the option of building your own burger or dabbling in their stuffed burger, you can catch the pop-up every Thursday from 12-10pm. Oh and one other piece of advice – get the onion rings.

Main Road Biscuit Co. (1601 Main Rd. Jamesport)

We have biscuits now, people. BISCUITS. I have graced this establishment three times (if I lived in a world of no consequences I’d be there every day) and it is exactly what the North Fork needed, especially for these winter months. It happens to all of us the minute the temperature drops below freezing – we get inexplicably hungry. Or maybe I’m just making that generalization to make myself feel better, who knows. Their buttermilk biscuits are everything, and when they’re integrated into a meal – no words. Eggs benedict on a biscuit? Sign me up. Fried chicken on a biscuit? COME ON. Main Road Biscuit Co. is open weekdays from 7:30am-3pm and weekends from 8am-3:30pm. They are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays through the winter.

Well, after reading this back I am super glad I mentioned at least one physical activity to offset the calories. As always, you can come visit us at Lieb every day from 12-7pm. Don’t forget about our Friday night music series, every Friday from 6-9pm through the winter. To book a reservation, you can email me at I’ll see you in the tasting room!


Jul Fedele

Tasting Room Captain

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