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Lieb Behind the Scenes

Lieb Behind the Scenes – Dec 2021

December 17, 2021

Our team holiday party was last night at Maroni’s in Southold. We did the chef’s tasting. 15 courses with unlimited beer and wine. The service was outstanding and the room was beautiful. It was special, delicious and the most fun we’ve had together as a group in a long time. I’m just now getting over heartburn on account of eating too much, but it was worth every bite.

Before dinner, I gave an impromptu speech. I rarely show vulnerability but told our team how challenging the past two years have been for me as a manager and for our business before thanking them for their part in keeping us moving forward and reaching our goals.

COVID is still very much here and affecting almost all aspects of our business. “Roller coaster” seems to be our new norm. Yet what I said in a Northforker article three years ago still holds true. When I walk into work every day, I’m genuinely happy to be here. Sh*t show at times? Yes. But it’s our sh*t show, and someway, somehow we keep managing to roll this thing up the hill and maintain positivity, growth and success.

I’m feeling a little emotional today – maybe it’s the holidays, maybe it’s my baby hangover – and I’m regretting not saying more last night. So to properly and individually thank our Team Liebers, I’d like to call each of them out:

Russell – You wear so many hats. Thank you for proudly wearing Lieb’s.

Anthony – My literal life-saver.

Jenna – Your energy is what office dreams are made of.

Alice – You’re a bad @ss in the best possible way.

Alicia – No amount of thanks is enough for Lieb’s OG.

Mike – Isn’t it crazy to think about how far we’ve come? Sunshine and rainbows.

Aimée – Never met a more passionate, committed individual. You raise the bar.

Dave – You make it look easy. And you do it with grace and humility.

Jared (and Fraya) – Never. Leave. Us.  

Delia – H O W did BLTR ever exist without you?

Lila – Very grateful you’re back.

Susie – Your eyes and smile light up ORTR.

Sam – Can’t wait to read your novel, but can you also please work at Lieb forever?

Daina – Thank you for being a calm in the storm.

Savannah – The cutest, most thoughtful human.

It’s a wild time to be alive. It’s a wild time to run a business. But if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past two years, it’s that you can weather almost anything if surrounded by the right people.

Happy holidays and here we come, 2022!

Ami Opisso
General Manager & Certified Sommelier

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