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Most Grammable North Fork Spots

Most Grammable North Fork Spots: Your Own Hometown!

December 15, 2020

Being in charge of our social media during this past year has been an interesting study for me. Instagram and Facebook and the like used to be an escape for me, from following along with the daily lives of my far-flung friends to living vicariously through their vacations. But then COVID happened, and the content we were sharing changed drastically, or stopped altogether. Instagram-worthy events have been postponed or cancelled and it’s been a struggle for me to find photos worth posting on my personal feed.

While this feels strange for me as a social media manager, here’s what I’m trying to take away from it: when you see something that does bring you happiness, cherish it…and take a gosh darn picture so that your camera roll is filled with more than just photos of your at-home meals and cats (oh…just me?). Luckily, living in Greenport Village, I don’t have to look far for a little bit of inspiration. All I need to do is walk out my front door and within five minutes, I’m surrounded by the beauty of downtown.

On a particularly gorgeous Friday last week, I took the opportunity to take a walk into downtown Greenport to do some last minute Christmas shopping. And although I had a couple of destinations in mind, what is a shopping trip without a little bit of window shopping? This is a particularly fun activity in the village this time of year, since many businesses participate in the annual “Winter Wonderland & Design Contest”. Storefronts and window displays are decorated for the holiday season and while many businesses really go all out, one of my favorites is at Burton’s Bookstore. It’s classic and understated and it immediately put me in the holiday spirit!

I’d worked up a bit of an appetite after my shopping was finished, so naturally my next stop was Little Creek Oysters for a couple glasses of wine, some tapas, and of course, oysters. Ian and Rosalie and the whole crew at Little Creek have been doing such an amazing job this year of keeping their staff and customers safe and sated, so it’s been a frequent stop for my husband and me on our days off. They’ve made the decision to only seat outdoors this season, so on a weekday afternoon, you’ll find both regulars and visitors alike braving the chilly temperatures to get their hands wrapped around a warm mug of chowder or a cold pint of beer. It’s been heartening to see so many people supporting a small, family-owned business like theirs. They don’t have the fancy igloos and propane heaters that other restaurants and wineries have invested in this year, but that’s not stopping anyone from getting their oyster fix!

Sunsets on the North Fork can be sneaky, especially in the winter season. The sky began to dim around 4pm and I assumed that darkness would soon follow. But on this particular night, I was in for a pleasant surprise. Out of nowhere, the sky was suddenly awash with pink, purple, and orange streaks. Of course, I abandoned my wine, grabbed my mask, and made a mad dash for the docks so I could better capture the colored sky over the harbor. I was NOT disappointed. Once again that day, I was reminded that the beauty of the everyday is so much closer than you think.

On my walk home that evening, and after that absolutely stunning sunset, I assumed that the photo opportunities were done, but boy was I wrong. The holiday lights in Greenport are hung every single year, and although I’ve lived in the village for four years, they never cease to surprise and delight me. The stars in the trees, the twinkly mermaids, and the illuminated ships on either end of town truly capture the essence of our waterfront village and serve as a reminder to stop and look around every once in a while, even if it’s freezing and you need to get your butt home.

Staying close to home this year has allowed me to appreciate my hometown so much more than I otherwise would have. And yes, I still mostly take photos of my cats, but I’m finding more in-between moments that I’m deeming Insta-worthy. So if you’re running out of Instagram inspiration this year, I encourage you to take a quick walk around your town, or even just your block. You might just see something beautiful you hadn’t noticed before!

Cheers and stay safe!
Alice Falcone
Marketing & Social Media Manager