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In the NoFo

In the NoFo: 3 Things We’re Buzzing About

March 16, 2017

jul blog

I’ve never been one to openly complain about the cold weather. That doesn’t mean I necessarily “enjoy” it –  it just means that I’ve always found it somewhat tolerable. This attitude, though, is no more. I’ve adopted the mindset of a 66-year-old woman. I want to live in a gated community in Florida, eat dinner at 4:30pm, and be in bed by 9:00pm. My hands are just dusty, scaly reminders of what life used to be.

It got really dark there for a second, I apologize. The point is that I/we need some hope. With that being said, I’ve gathered and am taking a moment to share my excitement about all the insider Spring buzz that’ll be hitting the North Fork in just a few *short* months.

The Lucky Bee (Greenport)

In the last few years, we’ve become super spoiled with the food options out here on the North Fork – Greenport, specifically. Most of my all-time favorite recommendations for bars and restaurants are local (aaannnnd it doesn’t hurt that I live within walking distance of said establishments). This past summer/fall, everyone was talking about this awesome pan-Asian pop-up hosted in the Gallery Hotel. I sadly missed out. Luckily though, it was recently announced that The Lucky Bee will soon become a permanent fixture in Greenport, moving into a spot right on Main St. It will serve Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian cuisine – something that we’re certainly lacking out here on the North Fork. The restaurant is slated to open by Memorial Day. Come to mama.

Port (Greenport)

So this is… still in the works. But I’m pretty psyched about it. If you’ve spent any time on Shelter Island during the summer, then you’ve definitely found yourself at SALT. My co-workers and I have our usual summer routine of hitting up Sunset Beach for drinks (at sunset, of course) and then making our way to SALT for dinner. The latest buzz is that the owners of SALT will be taking over the location formerly inhabited by Blue Canoe in Greenport. Situated right on the bay (with the outdoor gazebo bar), there’s no doubt that Greenport will embrace the new eatery. The restaurant has yet to announce an expected date for opening, but I’ll certainly be keeping my fingers crossed.

April Pop-Up Series (Bridge Lane Tasting Room, 35 Cox Neck Rd., Mattituck)

Next month, we’ll be hosting a pop-up series every Saturday at our Bridge Lane tasting room. The series will feature some of our favorite local merchants – one of them being a cocktail pop-up from the Southold based catering company, Grace & Grit. Creative craft cocktails (uhm, yes please) made with our Bridge Lane wines and small plates will be available for purchase. The event will be held on April 15th from 5-10pm, which means you will obviously be seeing me there. Be sure to check out our Bridge Lane calendar for more information on the series in the weeks to come!

Please note that as I was writing this blog entry, I was huddled over my mug of green tea for warmth. I hope to one day remember what the sun feels like, and perhaps sit on the beach with my feet in the warm summer sand. In the meantime, I will dress in 14 layers and daydream about new restaurants and craft wine cocktails.  We can make it!

From the frozen tundra that is Oregon Road, I bid you adieu.

Jul Fedele

Tasting Room Captain

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