Alicia Ekeler-Valle

Alicia Ekeler-Valle

Tasting Room Director

Theme song: “Cannonball” by The Breeders

Most memorable wine I’ve ever tried: The €10 Liter carafes of small-producer natural wines on tap in all the little comptoirs in Paris excited me more than all the $$$$ trophy bottles I’ve tasted.

Favorite thing in the world: Swimming in the ocean and eating/drinking outdoors.

Most random job I’ve ever had: Skateboard Assembly, ah the teen years.

What I do for Lieb: Educate and empower the team. Keep things moving, growing, and fun at our tasting rooms.

Lieb Cellars Wine: All the bubbly wines!

Perfect Pairing: Oysters on the half shell and Sparkling Pinot Blanc. (Runner-up: weird pet nat and funky gooey cheeses.)

Travel Destination: Japan & France