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#TeamLieb Top 10s

#TeamLieb Top 10s: Top 10 North Fork Sparkling Wines

August 24, 2022

Long Island’s East End is well-known for its crisp white wines and peppery Cab Francs, but you may be less familiar with its amazing sparkling options, of which there are many! Team Lieb really loves their sparkling, so we recommend giving some (or all) of these a try!

Lieb Estate Sparkling Pinot Blanc – $48

Our house favorite sparkling wine is made from 100% Pinot Blanc in the traditional Champagne method. We love it for its notes of crisp green apple and pear and its dry finish. For Team Lieb, there’s nothing that a cold glass of SPB can’t fix!

Lieb Estate Sparkling Rosé – $38
Made with mostly Pinot Noir and the addition of some Chardonnay, our deliciously dry summer sparkler has delicate bubbles and notes of raspberry and peach. Oh, and did we mention it comes in a MAGNUM for $65?! General Manager Ami Opisso promises you’ll be the most welcome guest at the party if you show up with this bottle!

Bridge Lane Bubbles – $28
Our BL Bubbles (in a can!) is a blend of Riesling, Muscat, La Crescent, and Cayuga (the latter 3 being hybrid grapes from the Finger Lakes region). It is fresh and spritzy with a touch of sweetness. The slim cans are perfect to bring along to the beach, pool, or out on the boat. Pro-tip: the Bubbles make a great addition to cocktails!

Macari Horses – $29
This wine, commonly known as just “Horses”, is a Cabernet Franc Pet Nat (pétillant naturel). If you’ve never had a pet-nat, we highly recommend starting with this one. Though in previous years, this has been a lighter rosé style, this year’s vintage is deep pink in color with juicy, ripe berry notes. Perfect for a late summer evening on the porch!

Sparkling Pointe Topaz Imperial – $44

All of the wines at Sparkling Pointe are made in the traditional Champagne method and with traditional Champagne region grapes. This wine’s blend is made up of 50% Chardonnay, 34% Pinot Noir, and 16% Pinot Meunier. It is a dry sparkling Rosé with peachy, berry notes. Wine Club Manager Jenna Park says this wine is best enjoyed with friends, caviar, and potato chips while sitting on the patio in summertime!

Lenz Cuvée – $42
Another traditional method sparkling wine, the Lenz Cuvée is made from 100% Pinot Noir. This is a favorite among guests for its tiny bubbles and cherry notes, the latter being a characteristic Pinot Noir flavor. This wine tastes extra delicious when being sipped in their tasting room’s shady courtyard.

RGNY Brut – $33
A relatively new wine (and winery) to the North Fork scene in the last few years, there’s a reason the Brut has already made its way onto so many local wine lists. If you see this wine on the menu, we recommend starting with a glass. This balanced, fresh, citrus-driven sparkler is sure to set your meal off on the right foot.

Suhru Brut – $29
This traditional method sparkling wine from our winemaker Russell Hearn’s family label is made from 85% Chardonnay and 15% Pinot Noir. It’s perfectly balanced with bready aromas and crisp apple on the palate. Russell really does know how to make some exceptional sparkling wines!

Croteaux Sparkling Chloe – $39

There is no better place to sip this Sauvignon Blanc-based sparkling than in Croteaux’s lush tasting garden. It is fresh, dry, and citruisy, and pairs perfectly with an array of French-inspired snacks. Marketing Manager Alice Falcone often spends a quiet afternoon sipping Chloe Sparkling with visiting friends.

Paumanok Blanc de Blancs – $55
This Blanc de Blancs, made from 100% Chardonnay, is another traditional method sparkling wine. It spent 36 months en tirage (which is aging in the bottle on its lees) and the result is a delightfully refreshing, crisp, dry bubbly. We think this celebratory wine pairs particularly well with caviar and hors d’oeuvres!

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