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Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Celebrating in SoHo & Judging in Vermont

July 20, 2021
I have lived in NYC for nearly 11 years. The contrast of hearing crickets in the Santa Fe desert to the raucous cacophony of THE city when I first arrived was jarring to say the least, but now it seems strange to have it any other way. Eleven years marks another milestone for...
Lieb Behind the Scenes

Lieb Behind the Scenes – June 2021

June 15, 2021
Summer is here! The patio is open, the vines are growing and our masks are off. It’s a great time to be alive. In all seriousness, IT’S A GREAT TIME TO BE ALIVE. Governor Cuomo just declared the pandemic over in New York. We made it through one of the...
I'm Obsessed!

I’m Obsessed! Summer 2021 Edition

May 25, 2021
Anyone else feel like summer came out of nowhere this year? After the cold, windy excuse for spring we had I am really here for this. This summer is particularly exciting because… The new patio at the Bridge Lane Tasting Room We have pined for this for many years now...
Most Grammable North Fork Spots

Most Grammable North Fork Spots: The Times Vintage

April 27, 2021
If you’re a fan of thrifting, vintage, or antiques and you’ve never stopped in to The Times Vintage in Greenport, you don’t know what you’ve been missing! Though there are countless vintage and antique shops to choose from on the North Fork, this one is by far my favorite. The...
Lieb Behind the Scenes

Lieb Behind the Scenes – March 2021

March 22, 2021
My December post was about looking back, this one will be about looking ahead. Perhaps it’s the fact that my team has started to get vaccinated. Perhaps it’s spring on the horizon. Perhaps it’s because my family and I are about to go on our first real vacation in a...
#TeamLieb Top 10s

#TeamLieb Top 10s: Top 10 Long Island Wineries

March 16, 2021
We here at Lieb Cellars and Bridge Lane Wine may be just a LITTLE biased about our favorite wineries on Long Island, but it’s no secret that we also love to visit our neighbors who make some delicious wines! Here’s a list of #TeamLieb’s favorite Long Island wineries to visit...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Her Quest for a WSET Diploma

February 24, 2021
Facebook recently reminded me that 8 years ago I received my first results from a WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Diploma exam: “Diploma Unit 2: PASS WITH DISTINCTION.” (When I first started out on this path Unit 2 was a prerequisite for Unit 1 and I don’t know the...
Wine, Illustrated

Wine, Illustrated: Teroldego-Lagrein

January 28, 2021
Alicia Ekeler Director of Tasting Rooms
Lieb Behind the Scenes

Lieb Behind the Scenes – December 2020

December 29, 2020
In the past month, I’ve had several writers reach out to me requesting an interview on how COVID has impacted small wineries this year. I’ve declined. Not because I don’t feel qualified to speak on the topic, but because I haven’t wanted to truly process it. Back in September I...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Seeking a Slower Way to Ring in the New Year

December 19, 2020
Seeking a special way to ring in the new year while supporting small businesses? Try this North Fork trifecta: Snail Caviar from Peconic Escargot, North Fork Potato Chips, and Lieb Cellars Estate Sparkling Pinot Blanc. I consider myself a very adventurous eater. In addition to exploring rare grapes and unique wine regions,...
Most Grammable North Fork Spots

Most Grammable North Fork Spots: Your Own Hometown!

December 15, 2020
Being in charge of our social media during this past year has been an interesting study for me. Instagram and Facebook and the like used to be an escape for me, from following along with the daily lives of my far-flung friends to living vicariously through their vacations. But then...
I'm Obsessed!

I’m Obsessed! Fall 2020 Edition

November 23, 2020
GALETTES! The pastry that requires so little effort and yet delivers the wow factor of a pie! The possibilities, like pie, are infinite. I love going classic with thinly-sliced apples and pears but the real fun begins when I bring in some squash and Moroccan-style spices to the mix. The...
Lieb Behind the Scenes

Lieb Behind the Scenes – September 2020

September 22, 2020
Harvest started last week. Our industry was thrown for a major loop this year, but there’s comfort in knowing that the things I’ve come to count on every year around this time can still be counted on: harvest will come, Jared will smile when I tell him to bring out...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Lieb Travels to the Czech Republic

July 15, 2020
I have always wanted to be a global citizen. Even while growing up on a bayou in southern Louisiana I had pen pals from Italy, Belgium and Egypt. We compared our foods and surroundings, sharing stories of family and friends as well as the occasional mix tape. As a freelance...
Lieb Behind the Scenes

Lieb Behind the Scenes – June 2020

June 23, 2020
I just looked back at my March blog post. It was 3 months ago but feels like a lifetime. I’m not going to sugar coat it. These past few months for our business, our employees and our families have been rough, mentally and physically. The low was probably the day...
I'm Obsessed!

I’m Obsessed: Things I can’t get enough of right now! (late spring 2020 quarantine edition)

May 20, 2020
SO, clearly the angle with which I am approaching this list has changed greatly. Instead of obsessing over an object first, I’m instead obsessing over the TRIUMPH of the SPIRIT I'm witnessing. These are dark times and yet every single day I am touched or impressed by peoples' ability to...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: At Home Watching Netflix

April 6, 2020
I love BBQ! I’ve attended the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, I know the differences between North Carolina and South Carolina styles, I lived in Texas for a few years, and even though I never worked at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, I have the menu committed to memory. So the new film...
Lieb Behind the Scenes

Lieb Behind the Scenes – March 2020

March 26, 2020
Woah, guys. I thought about not writing my blog at all this quarter. I mean, what can I possibly say right now? Does what's happening "behind the scenes" at Lieb even matter? Can I offer any words that will be at all helpful or insightful? No. This crisis is so...
I'm Obsessed!

I’m Obsessed: Things I can’t get enough of right now!

March 13, 2020
SPRING 2020 EDITION     The Bridge Lane Bubbles Can Ok so take it as you may, but I am going to just start with some shameless self-promotion: THE BRIDGE LANE BUBBLES CAN. It’s bubbly, it’s heckin’ cute, and its *just* sweet enough to make it completely crushable. I was...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Italian Edition

March 10, 2020
Way back in January I participated in the 3rd Annual Valpolicella Education Program.  I spent an intense week in Verona, Italy, studying subject matters such as “Valpolicella Genetic and Environmental Resources,” “The Wines of Valpolicella: Winemaking Peculiarities and Compositional Characteristics,” “The Rules on the Names of Wines: Labels, Designations of Origin,...