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Where's Aimée?

Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: In the Vineyards with Ildo Vasquez, Vineyard Foreman

September 12, 2023
I am not a skilled gardener by any means, but thankfully the vineyards of Lieb Cellars are not under my care. Ildo Vasquez, Vineyard Foreman has been responsible for providing us with healthy fruit for decades, and it was an honor to recently interview him. No soy un jardinero experto...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: What Makes a Good Brand Ambassador?

March 7, 2023
What makes a good Brand Ambassador? That’s the question that I’m constantly examining. As a former child performer, I remember worrying a lot about the future possibility of landing a commercial role for a product that I did not believe in. I was a tiny, yet very truthful actor that...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Focusing on Future Foreign Markets for Lieb

October 20, 2022
In addition to being the NYC Brand Ambassador for Lieb Cellars and Bridge Lane, I am also the point person for our export markets. For the past few years I have researched potential markets, presented virtually to buyers in London, Scotland and Ireland, and met 1:1 virtually with countless foreign...
Where's Aimée?

WHERE’S AIMÉE?: Guiding Lieb Wine Dinners in Brooklyn, Judging Wine in VT and FLX & Participating in Whole Foods Market Photoshoot

April 5, 2022
LIEB WINE DINNERS: As a former restaurant server I have enjoyed participating in winemaker dinners such as Heitz Cellar, Vega Sicilia and Chateau Musar with Serge Hochar. I stepped away from the service floor sixteen years ago to focus on fine wine sales in retail settings, but this month I...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Interviewing Winemaker Russell Hearn

November 23, 2021
This time of year finds us reflecting on that which we are grateful, and I am especially grateful for our winemaker Russell Hearn. (The following interview has been edited for clarity, brevity, and the occasional technical difficulty.) Aimée Lasseigne New: You are very well-traveled and have worked in California, Australia,...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Celebrating in SoHo & Judging in Vermont

July 20, 2021
I have lived in NYC for nearly 11 years. The contrast of hearing crickets in the Santa Fe desert to the raucous cacophony of THE city when I first arrived was jarring to say the least, but now it seems strange to have it any other way. Eleven years marks another milestone for...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Her Quest for a WSET Diploma

February 24, 2021
Facebook recently reminded me that 8 years ago I received my first results from a WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) Diploma exam: “Diploma Unit 2: PASS WITH DISTINCTION.” (When I first started out on this path Unit 2 was a prerequisite for Unit 1 and I don’t know the...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Seeking a Slower Way to Ring in the New Year

December 19, 2020
Seeking a special way to ring in the new year while supporting small businesses? Try this North Fork trifecta: Snail Caviar from Peconic Escargot, North Fork Potato Chips, and Lieb Cellars Estate Sparkling Pinot Blanc. I consider myself a very adventurous eater. In addition to exploring rare grapes and unique wine regions,...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Lieb Travels to the Czech Republic

July 15, 2020
I have always wanted to be a global citizen. Even while growing up on a bayou in southern Louisiana I had pen pals from Italy, Belgium and Egypt. We compared our foods and surroundings, sharing stories of family and friends as well as the occasional mix tape. As a freelance...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: At Home Watching Netflix

April 6, 2020
I love BBQ! I’ve attended the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, I know the differences between North Carolina and South Carolina styles, I lived in Texas for a few years, and even though I never worked at Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, I have the menu committed to memory. So the new film...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Italian Edition

March 10, 2020
Way back in January I participated in the 3rd Annual Valpolicella Education Program.  I spent an intense week in Verona, Italy, studying subject matters such as “Valpolicella Genetic and Environmental Resources,” “The Wines of Valpolicella: Winemaking Peculiarities and Compositional Characteristics,” “The Rules on the Names of Wines: Labels, Designations of Origin,...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Somm Slam/Lieb DC Tour/SOMM360 Boot Camp

November 21, 2019
Starchefs "Somm Slam" Now I’m no anthropologist, but when I dive in, I dive in deep.  For instance, back in college my thesis subject was on beauty pageants.  In addition to researching all types of pageants around the world and writing/producing/performing in a one-woman show influenced by this research, I...
Where's Aimée?

Where’s Aimée?: Lieb Goes to the Fair

September 12, 2019
As the NYC Brand Ambassador I don’t encounter much exposure to rural life, but recently I took an Amtrak train up to Syracuse to The Great New York State Fair to present our award winning 2018 Lieb Cellars Estate Chardonnay at a seminar hosted by the NY Wine & Grape...
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