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Two Truths & A Lie

Two Truths & A Lie – Mike Cook

March 18, 2019

1) I have lived in 8 US states and have visited all 50.

2) My earliest memory in life is falling out of my dad’s Celica (going 35 MPH – before the days of car seats / kids in the back / or even seatbelts being much more than cosmetic) at 3 years old and holding onto the inside door handle (for dear life) and being dragged until the car stopped – it all starts there.

3) I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting Kevin Bacon multiple times & can be used in 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon – in case it ever comes up.

Which is the lie?! You’ll have to ask Mike if you run into him at one of our awesome retail or restaurant accounts in NYC!

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