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Who's Who at Lieb Cellars

Who’s Who at Lieb Cellars – Jersey

October 28, 2016


Name and Position: Jersey, Winery Dog (represented by her owner, our GM, Ami Opisso)

What do you do at Lieb Cellars?

Jersey comes to work with me every Friday.  She poses for photos, greets guests, goes for walks in the vineyard, sleeps under my desk and accepts treats from all of the deliverymen who know and love her. Her tail starts wagging before the FedEx truck even pulls in the driveway.

How did you come to work in the wine industry?

Jersey was born in Michigan, and I adopted her when living in Chicago.  In 2010, she moved to the North Fork with me and lounged around the tasting room of another winery for 3 years before we came to Lieb.

What’s your favorite part about working at LC?

All of the attention!  Jersey loves to be loved.  She will stand in the same spot for 2 hours if someone is willing to pet her for that long.

What are your favorite Lieb and non-Lieb wines?

Jersey doesn’t drink but her favorite treats are cider donuts and peanut butter.

If someone gave you $100 and the day off, how would you spend it?

She’d probably head to the beach for a full day of swimming, fetching sticks and rolling in the sand.  Followed by a steak dinner and capped off with a double scoop of cookie dough ice cream from Magic Fountain.